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Price: 349 000 Euro 345 000 Euro

Date of adding the advertisement:

26 September 2021

Investment plot in Droniowice

Details / Description:

An investment plot for sale with an investment project for a rehabilitation center, nursing home, agritourism, hippotherapy. The plot area is 67,000 m2, which is EUR 5.2 / m2.
The plot is located in Poland in the town of Droniowice, province. Silesian. The close surroundings of the Forest Landscape Park on the Upper Liswarta River in the valley of the upper bank of the Liswarta River.
The area has a local spatial development plan established by the Kochanowice commune.
Two-story buildings with a usable attic up to 12 m and other objects up to 15 m are allowed. The permissible building area is 6 700 - 20 000 m2. The required biologically active area is 40,000 m2, including 13,500 m2 of tall greenery.
A developing city where there is a demand for this type of service.

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