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An apartment for sale in Rewal, primary market, developer status. The apartment is located in a gated estate with a barrier, in close proximity to the sea and the center, approx. 750 m. A two-level, two-room apartment consists of a ground floor + attic with a total area of 43.56 m2. The apartment includes a terrace of 8.7 m2, a garden of 13 m2 and a balcony of 5 m2. An external parking space is additionally payable.
The investment started in the second quarter of 2021
The building will be managed by the appointed housing community.
There is a possibility of a full refund of VAT purchased by both an individual and a company.

Details / Description:

Apartment in Rewal

02 December 2021

Date of adding the advertisement:

Price:  Apartment 99 000 Euro + 23% VAT Parking space 2 500 Euro + 23% VAT

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