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We are real estate agents operating on the Polish Baltic coast and offering the properties intended for sale in the EU. Our aim is to meet the foreigners` expectations and help them in the purchase of their dream seaside real estate. We know that for many of them it would be impossible without such help and support. The purchase of a seaside real estate is very often a dream come true or a future short-term and long-term investment.


Some time ago we dreamed ourselves of owning a seaside property and in 2018 we achieved our ambition. Now we are the owners of a resort in Niechorze and want to support and share our experience with others who want to buy their own property.

One of us works and lives in Poland obtaining unique sales offers, the other works and lives in Germany promoting offers, serving clients who want to purchase their own real estate.


We have attractive offers for the sale of seaside apartments, houses, boarding houses, holiday resorts, business and gastronomic premises, and above all, a very wide selection of plots (land) in the coastal zone of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship.

We do not limit our offer only to seaside properties, but we also have selected, attractive and exclusive facilities in other regions of Poland. We offer real estate both for individual and business clients.


We have the appropriate certificates to perform the work of an estate agent.





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